Beyblade Burst Rise Hyper Sphere Vertical Drop Battle Set

Beyblade Burst Rise Hyper Sphere Vertical Drop Battle Set

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Condition: NEW, BOX DAMAGE

Toy is NOT damaged.
Verified all items in box and are in NEW condition.
The original package has damage on one corner.
We have taped box to keep all contents contained.

  • Ride the rails: Rush into battle with a quadruple Rail system that Amps up head-to-head battling using Beyblade burst slingshock Tech. Vary your attack by launching in different sections of the BEYSTADIUM.
  • Combination energy layers: Customize your Top's energy layer and choose your Spin direction with combination energy layers and direction-changing chips. 8 possible combinations
  • Slingshock performance tip: Performance tips with specially designed rail-riding capabilities convert from battle ring mode to slingshock mode.
  • Everything needed to battle: Comes with slingshock cross Collision BEYSTADIUM, 2 right/left-spin launchers, and battling tops right artemis A4 (attack Type) and left astro A4 (defense Type).


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